The last key thing to look into when investigating your soft-toy related suspicions is probably the same thing that tipped you off to investigate in the first place. And by that, I mean the occurrences.

Occurrences can be described as the strange happenings that seem to be connected to your teddy bear. The bumps in the night you can’t quite shake off, the scene of a raided fridge when your roommate was across the country, the small tufts of felt or cotton that were left behind, or the the unexplainable movement of your teddy bear from one place to the next, even though you thought you were alone.

Some mislead people attribute these actions to ghosts, the movement of the earth, or ones own eyes playing tricks. Of course, as you should know by now there is a simpler and more elegant explanation. Bluntly, the teddy bears are alive and are more often than not responsible. The acts may be threats or cries for attention, but needless to say, they are very strong signs that a teddy bear or several teddy bears in your possession are absolutely alive!

The examples of such incidents vary wildly, as teddy bears are a clever and crafty sort, prone to try new things and outdo the stories they hear of other bear’s exploits. Even so, if there is anything that might somehow connect your teddy bear to an unexplained incident, it is paramount that you dig in. It’s very likely that something is there for you to follow, perhaps the unknotting of a veritable string of events, all caused by one living teddy bear.



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