Evil or friendly. Charming  or creepy.  Yes, it’s true. There are teddy bears that come to life, and more of them exist than many of them would care for you to know. Where do they come from? What is their purpose? Stop worrying about that that, because I can’t tell you. What’s more, there’s something far bigger that should be rustling your jimmies. Do you have a teddy bear? Pause for a moment and ask yourself a question:

“How do I know that my teddy bear is not alive?”

You’re thinking about it, but chances are, you don’t know.

Do you want to know? You should. How could you possibly know? Fear not, brave bearer of bears, for this very WordPress Blog will be key to discovering every hint, every trait, every sign, song, and science that will help you to determine: IS YOUR TEDDY BEAR ALIVE?

Check the directory above to learn about the three methods of detection that  you (Yes, YOU!) can use to make a determination about what seems to be an unusually lively teddy bear.


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