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Every Teddy-Fed Fear

July Heather-Lawrence from Michigan sent me an email today with a long and detailed account of a particular teddy bear who seems to be trying to make contact with the poor girl.

Strangely enough, July writes that the bear has not come out directly to communicate with her, and instead has been leaving messages in common places when she isn’t around. She writes that his messages have included “soon now” spelled out on her refrigerator with magnets in the shapes of letters and signed most curiously with a ‘B’ which she believes to stand for ‘bear’, and I do not disagree. Then she described a message left on an open word document suggesting that she “get some more sleep”, and even a note taped to the teddy bear himself declaring that a “big surprise is coming [her] way”.  I take this to mean that the bear is either incapable of direct speech, shy, or deliberately trying to instill an incredible sense of fear into his owner.

July writes that she is sure it is the teddy bear because the bear in question, named Ridley, has unusual stoney eyes that seem to stare straight at her, especially when she picks him up to look at him; she sometimes finds him on the floor in the morning after being on the bed the night before, as though he were running back from a long night’s escapade but could not quite make it in time; and because he left a written note taped to himself, in handwriting that July describes could “only belong to a bear”, and it is a clear sign that he is trying to make distinct contact.

I can only wish July the best of luck in her endeavors with her newly discovered teddy bear roommate, and remind her to review my blog should she ever spy another living teddy bear.

On a side note, congratulations to July and her boyfriend Brad, who are nearing their 3rd anniversary as a couple!

Be smart and be wary, teddy bears can be scary.


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